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BrasArte offers a wide range of dance and music classes for all fitness and skill levels. Registration for all classes takes place on our MindBody Online portal.  On this page you will find class descriptions, pricing, and class schedule. Visit our instructor page to read about our expert team of teachers.

Class Descriptions

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Class Descriptions

Tainah Damaceno
Tainah Damasceno - dance teacher
Tainah Damasceno - dance teacher
Tainah Damasceno - dance teacher
Nadia-q Dance Instructor
Flyer for Bahia Grooves with Elisita
Flyer for Bahia Grooves with Elisita
Tainah Damasceno - dance teacher
Flyer for Bahia Grooves with Elisita
Flyer for Bahia Grooves with Elisita
Tainah Damaceno

Samba Fundamentals with Tainah Damasceno

This class is all about getting into the juicy base of your samba, as well as training basic body awareness and universal dance technique in a safe space. So if you’ve never tried samba and have always wanted to, or if you’re looking to go back to basics, this is a great class for you! Beginner focused.

Int/Adv Samba with Tainah Damasceno

For dancers who have some samba experience and want to deepen their technique and skills with more individual focus and a faster pace. Focus on musicality, improvisation, samba history and building your samba repertoire. Int/Adv sambistas welcome.

Brazilian Dance with Tainah Damasceno

Brazil is a country that is rich in music and dance– now you have the opportunity to experience a wider variety of dances encompassing the entirety of Brazil. You will not only learn moves, but also acquire a deeper understanding of where and how to use them. We have a variety of modern dances that can be used in parties, clubs, and social gatherings. In addition, we offer the opportunity to explore and understand more traditional dances. All levels welcome.

Nadia-q dance classes at Brasarte

Samba no Pé with Nadia Q

Samba no pé represents the classic Rio style samba. This class offers insightful discovery and challenges for all dancers. All levels welcome.

Cardio Samba with Nadia Q

Feel the burn in this cardio focused samba class! Start your morning with this high-energy class focused on basic samba technique with movements and exercises focused on getting your heart rate going and your soul smiling! All levels welcome.

Flyer for Bahia Grooves with Elisita

Bahia Grooves with Elisita Castanon-Hill

Learn popular dances of the people of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil including samba reggae, samba, pagode da Bahia, arrocha, and samba afro through simple routines. Come dance, sweat and smile! We’ll feel like we’re in Brazil! All levels welcome.

Naby Bangoura west African dance classes at Brasarte

West African Dance with Naby Bangoura

In these classes you will experience the traditional rhythms, dances, and songs of Guinea. You will also explore Guinean culture through West-African rhythms. Some of the rhythms/ dances we will explore are used for weddings, baby naming ceremonies, and circumcision rituals. The class begins with a warm-up, followed with across the floor choreography and concludes with an improvisational dance circle around the drummers. All levels welcome. LIVE MUSIC

Strength & Sculpt with Samara

Strength & Sculpt with Samara will focus on building and maintaining full body strength and performance, including balance, endurance training and conditioning, ensuring each individual will have consistent progress using only body weight. All fitness levels and bodies welcome, modifications will be available to meet any limitations.

Modern Salsa With Delvis Frinon

Afro Brazilian with Tania Santiago

Brazilian Modern Dance

Brazilian Modern Dance (Or Modern Silvestre Dance) is a blend of various dance styles informed by Bahian dance culture. This class will explore movements from the Silvestre Technique & Modern Brazilian Dance. The Silvestre Technique is utilized as a foundation for technique, exercises allowing the body to discover the relationships between the universal body, the elements which exist in nature and our bodies, and the symbology of Orixa through dance movement. The class will begin with exercises in the center including foundations of Brazilian modern technique, isolations, rhythm and musicality, progressing to small choreographic combos in the center and progressions across the floor.

Brazilian Dance Workout with Shaiane Duarte

Brazilian Dance workout is an energetic 60-minute cardio and toning workout for all fitness levels. The dance workout combines the rich and intoxicating Brazilian dances and rhythms of variations of Samba, Pagode, Axé, Forró and Funk from various different states of Brazil. In this class, you will be learning to dance while burning fat, strengthening your muscles, working on your posture and balance, while improving your physical and cardiovascular condition. All while having fun in a relaxed environment.

Students in dance class

Creative Movement with Anisah Abdullah

Creative Movement is an introduction to Dance Class Instruction for youth, ages 3-6. In this class the students will learn the fundamentals of being a community member in the Dance Room, and of being a student of Dance Training, all while being in a play-based setting. The students will practice and became more acquainted with different Afro-Brazilian Rhythms and Movement, including, Afro-Contemporano and Samba Reggae, that will prepare them to later join classes of the next age-range.



Adult Class Passes and Memberships

Class passes are valid for 60 days from first use (except for monthly memberships) and may be used for any in-person class or online streaming except special workships and outdoor classes.

Youth Passes

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