Live Events

Brasarte Anniversary Show

Celebrating 23 years of BrasArte

Artistic Director: Tainah Damasceno 

7:30pm Show

Curumins Youth Troupe

“Carmen Mirandinhas”

Choreography by Tainah Damasceno

Dancers: Amina Biaye, Flora Madrigal, Alykah Present, Tatiana Rouin, Sara Silva, Camilla Valle

Giulia & Giovana Sales 


Ginga Brasil Passistas

“Before I Let Go”

Choreography & Intro by Tainah Damasceno

Dancers: Michelle Go, Julia Huggins, Genevieve Humphrey, Zoe Leonard-Monrad, Nerissa Nance, Beatriz Parra, Tameir Powell, Mary Ann Tyler

Special Guest: Naby Bangoura

Damasceno Dance Collective

“Luzes Na Sapucai”

Choreography Kellyn Rosa

Dancers: Tainah Damasceno, Jenna Defabio, Carmen Del Valle, Anastasia Gordon, Felice Gomez, Celeste Guimaraes 

Percussion Demo

Abel Damasceno & Marcos Odara

Ginga Brasil Afro Ala


Choreography by Conceicao Damasceno 

Coordinated by Elisita Castanon Hill

Dancers: Allison Beresford, Naomi Caldwell, Suzi Cruz, Elisita Castanon-Hill, Jennifer Del Checcolo, Audrey Hatten, Zoe Leonard-Monrad, Kristine Leunig, Mina Mangewala, Karen Oakley, Brandi Plumley, Martha Wallner

Musicians: Abel Damasceno & Marcos Odara

Damasceno Dance Collective


Choreography by Nildinha Fonseca

Dancers: Felice Gomez, Samantha Lansman, Anisah Abdullah, Nikita Jew, Stephanie Bastos

Musicians: Abel Damasceno & Marcos Odara

8:30 PM


With Catia Lund, Dandha Da Hora, Abel Damasceno, Marcos Odara, Brian Moran, Brian Rice

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