The 2023 Yemanja Festival is over. Please check back here in the fall for news of the 2024 Yemanja Festival.

Yemanja Arts Festival 2023

Poster of the Yemanja Festival 2022

A unique two-night performing arts festival celebrating the spirit of Yemanjá: the Yoruban deity/orixá that represents the ancient, essential, and beautiful nature of water. Inspired by the original Festa de Yemanjá celebrated in Bahia, Brazil, and the resilience of African spiritual practices across the americas, the Yemanjá Arts Festival brings together master artists and young faces from across the Bay Area, Brazil and Cuba. Diverse interpreters of traditional and modern art forms from the African diaspora that pay homage to Yemanjá/Iemanjá/Yemoja/Yemayá through their respective popular folkloric, contemporary and spiritual traditions.
This year in special tribute to our late founder Conceicão Damasceno. May we continue to uphold and expand upon her dedication to Afro Brazilian arts culture.

Past Yemanja Festivals

Poster of the Yemanja Festival 2022
yemanja festival flyer 2022 - Brazilian festival
yemanja festival flyer 2020 - Brazilian festival
yemanja festival flyer 2019 - Brazilian festival

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